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Eli Anderson
Eli Anderson

Buy Pandora Premium

I'm 100% convinced it is impossible to upgrade to pandora premium. I can't do it through google play - it's not an option. I can cancel my subscription, change my credit card, set up a backup payment method, but I can't upgrade my subscription. I can't do it through my android app, it just directs me to use my pandora android app. I can't do it through my windows app, again it just directs me to use my pandora android app.

buy pandora premium


I will point out at this time, though, that I have another device, an nvidia shield (android based), that has pandora installed. Indeed this was the original device that I first installed pandora on. The account used on that device IS my main account which also shows the subscription associated with it. In the past (not recently), I tried to upgrade from plus to premium on this device. I've tried this multiple times, and it failed with an error to the effect 'Premium is not available on this device'.

Just posting the facts here. Not even really interpreting except to let you know how little pandora pays so that when pandora re-introduces the bill to slash performers pay 85% we all have something to reference.

My point is the rates are ridiculously low. Why are they trying to lower them even farther?And if pandora needs money they should ad another minute of ads. quit asking songwriters to subsidize bad business model.

Finally pandora is highly interactive. If I type in cracker I immediately get a cracker song. Cracker has higher value in that transaction. On broadcast radio it is an entirely passive experience. Cracker has lower value in that transaction. Pandora should pay more per listener to cracker.

Further no one is gonna listen to commercials on pandora as long as there are unlicensed non-royalty paying services doing exactly the same thing out there. Like Grooveshark. Both Pandora and Artists have the same enemy.

I have been with at&t since December and still having this issue with pandora premium. For a few months I was getting the 9.99 credit but I would have to contact customer service every month. Then one month my pandora stopped being premium saying my trial has ended so What can I do to get it back? Should I bill at&t again? 041b061a72


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