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Ed Sheeran - Sunburn ##VERIFIED##

I know most people see this song as a song for a lover, and only a lover, but I don't. I see it as a song that can be for anybody that was important in your life, even though in Ed's case it might have been for a lover. "Your not her, but I try to see you differently."Betrayed somehow, and you finally find those new people in your life, but you keep seeing the person that betrayed and forgot you. You want to see them for who they truly are, but in the back of your mind you keep picturing the one that left you behind. "I'm searching for what used to be mine."That feeling of belonging, that somebody is there. The person forgot about you, you felt so alone, and you want to feel like somebody is there again. "I saw your eyes, and I saw her looking back at me."Again, you keep seeing the person from your past in the new person in your life. It's haunting you in the back of your mind that the same thing is going to happen. "And I will try to find another one, who suited me as well as her."You will try to find that new person in your life that was just as good as the old one, before the old one changed. The song goes on and on, but it's the same meaning. Somebody left you behind, and their memory is like a scar that can never go away. You want it to, but it just can't. You are trying to move on, but the scar won't go away, and it's like a sunburn. The memory hurts, it stings. But still, you miss the person from your memory.I don't know if I'm right, but this is what I thought while listening to the song.

Ed Sheeran - Sunburn

Shawn Mendes' latest Instagram post is equal parts a thirst trap and a PSA for reapplying sunscreen. Over the weekend, the singer shared some intimate photos from his travels to Mexico City. The majority of the photo series are snapshots of his sightseeing but the third and fourth photos show Mendes shirtless with a major sunburn on his upper chest and arms. The sunburn is so gnarly that you can perfectly see the outline of the tank top he was wearing. (It's a good thing he wasn't wearing a crop top that day!) Even Mendes seems to be laughing at himself in the photos.

His sunburn reminded fans of another time Mendes came face to face with the harsh elements. "When you're not diving in freezing water you're out in the sun without sunscreen, we want to protect you but you don't want to be protected," one fan joked, referring to Shawn skinny dipping in a freezing lake last December. 041b061a72


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