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Best Buy Santa Clarita Phone Number

Not willing to help a customer that this store made a mistake. Visited at this store and was told about the pre-order deal they have. I told them that i will do it close to my house in Lakewood, CA. They said the last day to do the pre order with the $200 gift card was that day and can do the pre order it there and the pick up will be at the store near me. I was guaranteed by the sales person that it can be done. At the end of the transaction i verified it again that the pick up will be in lakewood, CA. Sales person said "YES". I got the email today that my phone will be ready for pick up tom. I got really excited and kept reading and it says pick up at sta. clarita. WTF!!!... i live 50 miles away. i called them and told them about the problem and all i got is "sorry we cant help you. You did the pre-order here so the pick up will be at this store." i was guaranteed that the pick up will be close to my home. and this the answer i got: " it's either you pick up the phone here at our store or cancel and lose the gift card deal." when i did the pre order i even confirmed with the sales person again that the pick up is in Lakewood, CA. Spoke to the sales lead Jonathan and to pull the transaction and check who helped me. He said that they will not be able to tell who did the transaction. B.S.! Spoke to Sales Manager Charles and can't help me either. I was tricked to buy at this store!Are they this desperate to lure customers at this store giving false information?I guess they need to be if they don't know how give their customers a pleasant experience.

best buy santa clarita phone number

Find the hours of operation and phone numbers of the Best Buy locations near Barstow, CA, including information about online electronics deals, used computers for sale, and the top-rated electronics stores. 041b061a72


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