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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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No livestock experience necessary to participate. All activities are done on foot in the covered arena so wear your cowboy boots or running shoes (no sandals please). This year the activities include some of your old favorites like the Ultimate Steer Toss, The Chicken Challenge, and the Piggy Back Hustle.

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Some of the events are individual like the Ultimate Steer Toss. Other events are Team events. No need to bring a team though because there will be lots of other teens looking to partner up for some Xtreme fun. Teams form right at the starting line so everyone ages 12 to 19 can get involved.

ONE DIRECTION LARGE ARROW. The road ahead changes direction at an extreme angle. Before you reach such an extreme curve, slow down as much as you would to make a turn at an intersection.

Teenage years and teenage problems can be rough for parents and teens alike. As teens make mistakes, learn, and develop the skills necessary to be an independent autonomous adult, it can seem like they are on an emotional roller coaster. Some behaviors that teens display are normal, such as mood swings, increased peer influence, and a changing appearance. There are always going to be typical, teenage problems and behaviors. As teens strive for more independence and explore their own opinions, arguments with family members and struggling for more freedom are not uncommon; however, there are some red flag signs your teen may be in trouble that every parent should be aware of.

While teens are likely to turn to their friends rather than their parents for advice on making choices, a sudden change in their entire peer group could be a red flag, especially if the newfound friends are having a negative influence. In addition, teenagers may want to express their newfound individuality by dying their hair or trying a new style of clothing; however, an extreme change in appearance, such as an extreme weight loss or gain could signify that this is outside the scope of normal teenage behavior. Here are some other warning signs of a troubled teenager:

If a child is displaying some of these warning signs of a troubled teen, his or her issues may go beyond the scope of typical teenage problems. It could be time to think about an appropriate treatment program, as these could be signs of a mental illness like depression, substance abuse problem, or eating disorder. Having these issues evaluated and treated by reputable professionals, who utilize up to date approaches is essential to helping your teen continue their growth to a healthy, successful adult life.

In addition, HPD typically develops during adolescence or early adulthood. Thus, it might be difficult to distinguish between HPD in teenagers and typical emotional reactions and mood swings driven by teenage hormones. However, adolescent histrionic tendencies are not the same as a diagnosis.

Moreover, to receive an HPD diagnosis, an individual must experience significant impairment or distress as a result of these symptoms. Furthermore, when personality disorders are diagnosed in a child or teen, the symptoms must be present for at least one year.

Attention-seeking teenage daughters and sons can negatively impact their own ability to function in social, work, or school situations. Hence, people with this disorder have a higher risk of depression than the general population.

In people that develop histrionic personality disorder, these attention-seeking behaviors are ongoing and, at times, a teenager makes up stories for attention. Furthermore, they continue over a long period of time. Moreover, individuals with the disorder may even threaten or attempt suicide in order to get attention.

The exact causes of HPD in teenagers are unknown. However, experts believe it may be caused by a combination of genetic, social, and psychological risk factors. Hence, how an individual interacts with family, friends, and peers may affect their likelihood of developing HPD or another mental health condition.

In conclusion, normal teen drama and histrionic personality disorder in teenagers have some things in common. These include self-centered behavior, volatile emotions, and risky behavior. However, a summary of the symptoms and implications of dramatic personality disorder and/or antisocial personality disorder makes it clear that there are obvious differences.

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