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An expert & innovative insulating and repairing skincare range for weakened and irritated skin. The Bariéderm skincare products are specially designed to meet the needs of specific problems such as cracks and fissures.

where to buy uriage products in usa

For Seborrheic Dermatitis (also called Seborrheic Eczema), D.S. regulating skincare products rapidly soothe irritation, restore comfort and even tone to skin subject to redness and scaling (face, body and scalp).

Since 1992, Uriage has incorporated the soothing benefits of Uriage thermal water into specialist skincare products that care for the skin of the entire family on a daily basis.

Founded in 1992, Uriage is a unique French skincare brand, world-famous for designing products that transform skin complexion using the power of nature. Prioritizing authenticity, safety, and naturalness, Uriage skincare is built around Thermal Water sourced from the Alps. For more than 75 years, the Uriage Thermal Water has flowed through the Alps rocks, enriching itself with trace elements and minerals that soothe and moisturize the skin while reinforcing its natural barrier.Originally, Uriage skincare was founded to help people benefit from the powerful active thermal water within their homes, and the brand has continued to accomplish this with every skincare product. The remarkable formula of Uriage skincare products addresses a wide range of skin concerns such as dryness, irritation, redness, sensitivity, and premature aging.Suitable for all skin types, Uriage skincare products contain a host of active and skin-loving ingredients working to soothe, protect, and hydrate the skin. Uriage skincare best-selling products include the Uriage Thermal Water for soothing and hydrating the skin, Xemose for soothing dry skin, Bariederm for repairing irritated and sensitive skin, and the Age Protect Cream for correcting signs of aging. To benefit from the powerful Thermal water, shop the Uriage range at SkinStore, the official stockist of the Uriage skincare line in the US.

The prevalence of sensitive skin was calculated to be 53.9% based on the declarations of the mothers (girls: 58.2%/boys: 48.7%). Children were considered to have sensitive skin when their mothers reported that they had very sensitive (9.7%) or sensitive (43.6%) skin, whereas they were classified as without sensitive skin if the mothers answered that they had no (11.7%) or slightly (35%) sensitive skin. The mothers reported dry skin for 93.2% of the children with very sensitive skin, 54.3% of those with sensitive skin, 15% of those with slightly sensitive skin and 2.9% of those without sensitive skin. The triggering factors of sensitive skin are listed in Table I.

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