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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Eli Anderson
Eli Anderson

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the boomer doesn't understand this. he's been spoiled, he's been inundated with electronic junk since birth and most of it (video games) was free, if he had to pay for it he wouldn't have the same pride he does in paying for a physical object. nor would he have any sense of privacy in the act of buying. for most people they don't know how badly they would be impacted if the store closed. what's the problem? he thinks. even if i won't be able to buy video games, but they are the greatest thing ever! the illusion of being free is great, none of us are perfect, but there is no way to put a price on freedom, there are ways to put a price on temporary convenience, but that's not really freedom, at least not in my book.

150 NES Video Games {NEW GAMES} Full for PC {Set 3} {Uploaded} @ vip hack


the site still does track that data. the number of people who play games in a month is no more than a fraction of what it was in the early days. yet the same polls that say this are the same that say it's so great that most people are playing just a few games at a time without progressing them, meaning less people are playing more than a fraction of the games they could be playing.

8bitmen this has been mentioned before, but i don't believe nintendo will open up their systems to other developers. once nintendo determined on the features of the switch, they would have already decided on what it is and what it would become. no need to give them an easy decision. and, even if they did open up their platforms to developers, what would that benefit their bottom line? is nintendo really willing to lose it's brand identity and alienate millions of people just to sell more games?


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