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Buy Magnifier Lamp [UPD]

A magnifier features a lens with a flexible neck on a wide sturdy base. The lens is made of optical plastic and features two magnifications: 2x for a large lens and 3x for a small lens. Next to it, there is a bright light that evenly illuminates the working space under a lens. A light switcher is located on the base.

buy magnifier lamp

The 22 watt fluorescent bulb on this magnifying lamp includes a 1.75x magnifying lens in the center to give you a bright, up-close view of your small project! Features include a clamp that fits easily on most workbenches and desks. This magnifying lamp reaches 38 in. when fully extended.

If your head is positioned above the lens, you get a good magnified view. If you start to slide your head to the sides, the distortion from the sides of the lens becomes more evident. This is typical in most similar magnifiers.

With the gooseneck, you can adjust the position of the magnifier in myriad ways. You can also rotate the magnifier and light head forward away from you and back towards you on the axis where the magnifier connects to the gooseneck. This is a nice feature, as it allows you to move the magnifier to a vertical position and back to a horizontal position (or anywhere in between) quite easily. It also puts less wear on the gooseneck.

Thank you for the information. After trying many different types of lights for quilting and embroidery I finally got a CraftOptics magnifier. A quilting friend from Ireland had purchased it several years ago, and while very expensive, has by far been the best investment I could have made to provide the magnification and lighting.

Thanks for this review. I have been hearing that embroidery conferences are no longer going to provide electrical outlets for lamps as conference centers are charging megabucks for them. Could you do a review of battery operated and rechargeable lamps sometime between now and then (sooner rather than later, to give us time to shop, wait for sales, etc.)? One factor to consider would be size, for those of us who may be flying to a conference. Thanks!

Does the package give a weight for the product? My husband built me a light/magnifier combo (they are separate items but attached to one base). He used the base and pole of a used floor light from a thrift shop. Even that base is pretty heavy and awkward to move at times. Interested in knowing how much this item weighs.

I do use these Brightech lights (the clamp on ones), and I like them, but is there a recommendation for a good battery operated one for class? I have a couple that are just not bright enough, and I am looking for a better one, given the new upcoming requirements for EGA seminars.

I have this lamp, too. I love it. I could not see well enough to thread my machine needle, let alone an embroidery needle. What a difference with this lamp. Extremely helpful when having to pick out threads. It has sure made all my sewing and stitching so much easier and reading, too. The difference is amazing.

I bought the Biotech magnifier lamp after your review in 2019. It WAS a wonderful light and magnifier. About 6 weeks ago the light started to flicker. I contacted the seller to ask how to change the lightbulb. I was crushed to discover that the bulb cannot be changed. My decision is to figure out what to do next. I hate to write such a review, but I had not thought that the bulb could not be replaced, especially after enjoying the light and magnifier. After purchasing the lamp in 2019, I now discover that after 2 years of use, it cannot be used!!!!!!!!!!

This is not much of a guide to magnifying lamps, rather, more of some basic knowledge on the magnifying lenses. Whether to get a desk lamp type, a table/bench clamp type or a mobile stand type, is totally your choice depending on your application and budget. What we could do here is to assist you to find the appropriate lens. Right now we carry 3 (sometimes referred to as 3D or 3d, same for 5 diopter and so on) and 5 diopter lenses on many models, and 8 diopter lens on some other. Please understand that 3 diopter does not equal to 3X. There is a formula you can use if you really want to know how many Xs a lens is.D/4+1=X

The new Lamp/Magnifier mounts the same way as the previous versions - directly onto the Norvise Thread Post. It produces excellent non-shadowing and natural outdoor light with no heat and is Incorporated with a 3X glass magnifier. Our new lamp is perfect for those of us who, on occasion, may need a little extra help seeing the details. It is excellent for placing materials or tying intricate or tiny patterns. Cover the head of the light when not in use with the included micro cloth bag. Magnifiers have been known to start fires when exposed to sunlight. The cover will also keep the lens clean and free of dust.

IMPORTANT: This product is wrapped in a clear sealed bag to allow for easy visual confimation that this bulb will fit your lamp.On receipt, please visually compare this bulb to your existing bulb.

The Dr. Lite Clarity Lamp provides 3 levels of brightness for a task, reading, and ambient lighting. The 3-diopter glass lens magnifies 1.75 times to show clear details and contrast. Interchangeable base allows lamp to be clamp to desks or easily moved around with the 5-wheel floor base.

When one thinks of a magnifying glass, they tend to think of the big Sherlock Holmes type lens. However, in actual use, you want a lightweight, and powerful magnifier that has impeccable optics and is simple to use. Utilizing the best magnifier for demanding jobs like inspecting diamonds and gemstones is essential to their occupation, while hobbyists who collect rocks and minerals just need to buy a decent magnifier that they can afford to lose.

Hold the lens up next to your eyes while bringing the object close to it - about a few centimeters from your face. The idea is to focus your attention through the magnifying lens, the same way you look through eyeglasses. If you normally wear glasses, you will need to keep them on. A magnifier won't correct for astigmatism as well.

5X and 6X Lenses are the most popular choices for an average user as it offers higher magnification without sacrificing the field of vision (diameter of the lens). On the other hand, a 10X magnifier will reduce the field of vision significantly, but it will give you a closer look at tiny rocks, crystals, minerals, microfossils, etc.

Given the same X (times) factor, a larger lens is always better. There are tons of cheap inferior magnifying glasses out there claiming 20X, 30X, and even 45X magnifications, yet they sell for less than $10. These are false claims as any magnifier over 20X magnification will have such a small field of vision that they are no longer considered magnifiers, but rather loupes. Higher quality lenses with high magnifications are also more difficult to produce, consequently they tend to be more expensive.

In this article, you will find an in-depth review of the 10 best magnifying lamps for painting miniatures and models. I also share key information about hobby lamp features you should know, and how to use magnification to improve your ability to work in miniature scale.

On the other hand, plastic is less expensive and much lighter weight. This means that magnifying lamps with plastic lenses are generally smaller, easier to transport, and also provide sufficient magnification power.

There are several reasons you might advance to a floor stand type magnifying lamp. If you need to work at several locations in a room, all you need to do is wheel the lamp to the needed destination.

Magnifying lamps use different systems to help you get the lens and light where you need it. Some lamps use spring-loaded spring arms with several degrees of movement. Other lamps use flexible arm with infinite range of movement.

The best magnifying lamps have daylight light emitting diodes (LEDs), which provide balanced white light at a good brightness. This lighting quality improves painting and hobby work because these they increase your ability to see contrast and color.

A magnifying lamp is supposed to reduce pain and discomfort. This means you need to position yourself with good sitting posture. Your back should be arched. No slouching over your magnifying lamp!

The Brightech LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp is a glass lens equipped desktop lamp. The lens is a 2.25x magnification power, which is perfect for painting miniatures or small details on models. As a miniature painting magnifying glass it works well!

The LED is a daylight color temperature, but is on the dimmer side at only 570 Lumens. This is the equivalent brightness of a regular 40-60 watt incandescent bulb. In my opinion, this is probably the biggest drawback of the lamp.

However, with a flexible swing arm, you can get the lens where you need it. The overall dimensions of the lamp are good, which allows it to have a small footprint while allowing you to maneuver the light where you need it. Because of this relatively small size, I would consider this fairly portable.

For example, if you wanted to work in your kitchen table, then move somewhere else, this lamp would help you out. There is even a clamp, so it can operate in different locations (e.g., clamp it on an overhead shelf).

This is the magnifying lens I have. The Brightech LightView Pro is a modern classic design. The reasons I purchased this magnifying lamp is because of the daylight LED lights built into the lens housing.

The brightness of the LEDs is on the dim-side, at about 650 lumens (about a 40-50 watt bulb equivalent). So, for my needs, I usually supplement this light with another lamp. You can see that light and others I recommend here.

Because of the diffuse very bright LEDs on this lamp, the quality of the lighting could be arguably better in general. With full-spectrum daylight color temperature, the light quality is perfect for painting miniatures.

The lens has cover that both protects the glass lens and keeps unwanted light from saturating other areas of your hobby space. In general, this is a great lamp for professional work, painting miniatures, and other modeling activity. 041b061a72


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