Play Scholars research & develop ways to get along and have fun! Our curriculum includes proper play etiquette, sports, games, STEAM infused activities, and experiments to create more fun!

Classes are conducted at Parks, Schools, Churches, Daycares, and Private Backyards. Start or join an existing Play Scholars Class!

Play Scholars' Jr.

(2-3 years old)

Play Scholars

(3-5 years old)

Play Scholars' Pro

(5-8 years old)

Custom classes, sports specific, adapted PE, and 2-6 hour sessions available!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is a class? Class prices range from $15-$30 for 1 hour classes depending on enrollment, location, and outside permit fees. 

What does my Child need for class? Plenty of water, closed toed shoes.

What Sanitation and safety precautions are taken? All equipment is sanitized between use, Coach face mask is worn during class, temperature is recorded before class.