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Buy Pageplus Minutes =LINK=

Page Plus Cellular was established in 1993 by Abdul Yassine, as Page Plus Communications, selling pager services in the Toledo, Ohio, area. In August 1998 the company was renamed Page Plus Cellular and launched services in Ohio and Michigan, followed by a nationwide launch in 2000.

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Page Plus Cellular offers both pay-as-you-go and no-contract monthly plans.[5] Both monthly and pay-as-you-go customers add voice minutes, data and text messages to their account by purchasing refill cards.

Page Plus Cellular offers a variety of Monthly plans with different amounts of data, minutes, and messages. It's easy to upgrade or downgrade at any time if you need more or less from your Monthly plan.

I don't think I can use Page Plus any longer. We paid for a $25 plan and they stole most of the money. The $25 plan is supposed to give me 416 minutes for 4 months. After 2 months of usage, during which I placed 76 minutes worth of phone calls, sent 3 texts, and used a negligible amount of data (31 MB), they said I had no money left and basically cut my service. I used 31.642 MB of data ($0.05 per MB) 76 minutes of phone calls ($0.06 / minute) and 3 SMS texts ($0.05 each). Do the math and you can see that I was robbed. Should be $1.58 for data, $4.56 for calls and $0.15 for texts. Should total $6.29. How come there is only $0.80 left on my phone? Where is the rest of the $25? PagePlus representatives don't seem to know. They were unwilling to help me at all and wouldn't offer any refunds.

I received a few texts and e-mails alerting me that my 3G/non-VoLTE network phone and SIM card I rely on is being shut down on 12/31/22. They said they have a free phone replacement if I call that is combatable. I ordered a phone that will be delivered on 12/23/22, which is 8 days before the VoLTE network kicks in. On 12/17/22, they shut down my service with no warning that they are switching networks earlier than proposed! I can't make or receive calls and I had $3.88 worth of minutes left that I can't use. I called Page Plus on 12/18/22, and they said there is nothing they can do until I get the new phone. So the minutes I have paid for I can't even use!! Very deceitful. Leading me to believe I had to the 31st of December to make the switch.

Attempt to change cell phone carrier from Mint mobile to Page Plus. Both are monthly prepaid plans. Purchased a plan over the phone and paid for it, representative said phone number would port over in a "couple of hours" waited, phone number did not transfer and Page Plus phone did not work. Called back page Plus, got different representative, gave them info they transferred to a "specialist" who said there was no record of payment. Said we needed to repay. When credit card bill came we saw we were charged twice one charge for each day we called about problem. Since they tried repeatedly to get extra charge refunded. Each time speak to new representative and explain all over again. With each call are told something different - will look into it, refund will come etc with no resolution. finally opened a dispute with credit card company and page Plus retaliated by suspending account.

All the remaining plans include unlimited minutes, a $10 international calling credit, and unlimited national and international texting, with their only differences being their prices and their data limits.

Yes, Page Plus is a great option for light usage. I also did this $30 per year plan. But then I switched to RingPlus and I love it. It is a free service (after initial $15 deposit). I get 1500 minutes, 1500 texts and 1500MB, which is more than I would ever use. Some might say that 1500MB is not enough, but unless you constantly stream video, you will be just fine doing emails, banking, facebook, twitter and using other apps.

Page Plus has been a reliable Verizon MVNO, they would have been on this list in the past. However, their Pay As You Go plan (the ones you describe) now only work on older 3G phones. Page Plus sells 2,000 minutes good for 1 year for $80, but again only for 3G phones. Selectel wins out here because their 2,000 minute 3G plan for 1 year costs $75 and they actually have a 4G option for $100 per year.

My husband has a plan with net10 right now. 200 minutes every 30 days for $18.00. Started out at 300 minutes and then they took 100 minutes away. I am looking for another plan that is around $20.00 per month for talk only. no text or internet. Any suggestions? We live in rural WV and service is sketchy sometimes.

US Mobile is the best for using your cell phone for talking only, I joined with US Mobile about a year ago and will not join AARP again because they say Consumer Cellular is the best and pay 15.00 for 250 minutes and I pay 10.26 for 1,000 minutes.

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Complaint: 18688905I am rejecting this response because: every time they supposedly attempted to call me they would send an email right after there so called attempt. I never received a call from page plus, a missed call or even a voicemail. Thier email would state that the line was busy. It's not a land line, it's a cell phone number. I don't even have a land line. Also I attempted twice to contact them after receiving their email. I would be told they they would have to call me back and i could not speak to an agent. This it to look like they are attempting to dfix their issue.

I filed a complaint with my back and they are going after page plus with their leagl department. I feel that should be handed over to the federal fraud department, if this has happened to me, how many other people do they just take money from hoping they don't catch it.

Most smartphones will work on the Page Plus network as long as they use a SIM card and are CDMA compatible. To check if your phone is eligible for service you can enter the ESN or MEID number on this page.

RootMusic also allows users to embed pictures and YouTube videos quickly and easily, which really simplifies self-promotion. RootMusic takes promotion one step further. It allows users to share the streaming and download links for the music they like. This is a good thing, since few people in their right mind would turn down free word-of-mouth promotion. This is especially true on Facebook, which surpasses even Google in number of minutes users spend on the site.

Musicians have caught onto this service quickly, because Root music currently enjoys a four-star rating on Facebook, and has 12.6 million monthly active users on the social network. The app is currently being used by established artists such as Avril Lavigne and Lil Wayne. This company works under the freemuim model. Basic band pages are free, as are fan pages. The company charges $1.99 a month for bands that elect for the Band Page Plus option. Band Page Plus allows users to customize the look of the page and add background images.

Technology Research, Education, and Opinion (TREO) talks became part of the landscape at AMCIS beginning in 2015. TREO talks are intentionally designed to cover a broad set of topics including widely inclusive IS academic research, how we teach those topics, and even what we think about the role of technology in society. The basic idea is that the TREO track at AMCIS affords a chance for researchers and practitioners to float new ideas, crystallize their thinking regarding these new ideas, and receive constructive feedback about their ideas. While the TREO platform has varied in its exact format as experimentation and feedback led to new ways of creating engagement, presentations have always been short and necessarily fast-paced. Attendees provide immediate and forward-looking ideas about the information presented. In 2020 and 2021, the worldwide pandemic forced AMCIS to go virtual. Presenters created short videos to serve as their paper presentations. Attendees met online to watch the presentations and then ask questions of the TREO authors. A notable positive outcome of the virtual format and video presentation was the substantial impact noted by the Association of Information Systems of the TREO videos. TREO videos have been streamed approximately 7500 times, about 30 streams per paper. There seems to be a consensus that the TREO concept provides value for authors in terms of access to AMCIS and feedback about work in its earliest stages. However, there is always room for improvement. In this TREO talk we provide some detail on the TREO track and ask authors to provide their own perspective on what is most successful about the track and what could be improved to be more effective. Some of the unique features of the TREO track include abstract-length submissions, editorial review, high acceptance rates, brief and concise presentations, and additional opportunities for impact. The one-page plus references format creates a way for novice and expert scholars to participate with a lower time commitment than a traditional conference paper. Track chairs editorially review the abstracts and provide brief comments on the papers before making a decision regarding inclusion in the conference. The acceptance rate among submissions is high (about 90% in 2022). Editors are not hypercritical of papers, but instead look for how to include as many different perspectives in the TREO program. Admittedly, this high acceptance rate means that some of the work is of lower quality than you might see in the traditional conference paper. Meanwhile, high acceptance rates means that the TREO part of the program is accessible to a wide audience. We plan 14 TREO sessions in 2022, with 6-7 papers in each 90 minute session. Each presenter is limited to just 5 minutes to give a high-level view of their research and then an additional five minutes to address questions and feedback from the audience. Based on the notable impact of the TREO videos in 2020 and 2021, TREO participants have the option to submit a 5-minute presentation of their abstract for inclusion and open access on the AMCIS website. 041b061a72


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