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Oliver Parker
Oliver Parker

114678 [PATCHED]

Polarimetry is a powerful tool to study the structure of magnetic fields in the diffuse interstellar medium. In this work we have carried out optical polarimetric observations to investigate the structure of the magnetic field in the region towards the open cluster NGC6755 and three high galactic latitude DIRBE (DIR) molecular clouds: DIR 292-37, DIR 314-37 and DIR 349-46. For these molecular clouds we used the following Hipparcos objects, respectively: HIP 16850, HIP 114678 and HIP 106445. These data were obtained by the on-going Interstellar Polarization Survey, which consists of observing selected regions of the southern sky with IAG-USP 60cm telescope at the Observatório do Pico dos Dias (LNA, Brazil). The main goal of the Survey is to improve the knowledge of the magnetic field structure in the diffuse interstellar medium and of the ratio between the random and uniform components of the field. A regular pattern of the polarization vectors is noticeable in the data from the three molecular clouds, suggesting a smooth magnetic field geometry (field lines) in these regions. For NGC 6755, we notice that some stars do not have the polarization vector in the predominant direction of the other stars. That fact may indicate that these stars are probably not cluster members.


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