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Where to Find Maine Dil Tujhko Diya in 720p and Dual Audio Hindil Online

Maine Dil Tujhko Diya 720p In Dual Audio Hindil: A Review

If you are looking for a Bollywood movie that combines action, romance, and music, you might want to check out Maine Dil Tujhko Diya. This movie, released in 2002, stars Sohail Khan, Sameera Reddy, and Sanjay Dutt in a story of love, betrayal, and revenge. In this article, we will review the movie and tell you why you should watch it in 720p resolution and dual audio (Hindi and English).

Maine Dil Tujhko Diya 720p In Dual Audio Hindil

What is Maine Dil Tujhko Diya?

Maine Dil Tujhko Diya (I Gave You My Heart) is a Hindi-language action romance film directed by Sohail Khan, who also plays the lead role of Aryan. The movie follows his love story with Neha (Sameera Reddy), the daughter of a wealthy businessman Raj (Kabir Bedi). However, their relationship faces many obstacles, such as Neha's overprotective father, Aryan's past enemies, and a mysterious gangster named Bhaijaan (Sanjay Dutt).

Plot summary

The movie begins with Aryan saving Neha from a group of thugs who try to kidnap her. He falls in love with her at first sight and decides to join her college as a student. There, he impresses her with his charm and courage, and they soon become a couple. However, Neha's father Raj does not approve of their relationship and tries to separate them. He hires Bhaijaan, a notorious criminal, to kill Aryan.

Meanwhile, Aryan's past comes back to haunt him. He was once a member of Bhaijaan's gang, but he left after witnessing Bhaijaan's cruelty. He also learned that Bhaijaan was responsible for the death of his parents. Aryan vows to take revenge on Bhaijaan and expose his crimes. He also discovers that Raj is Bhaijaan's brother and that they are planning to destroy the city with a bomb.

Aryan manages to stop their evil plan and confronts Bhaijaan in a final showdown. He defeats him and reveals his true identity to Neha. Neha realizes that Aryan is not a criminal but a hero who saved her life and the city. She reconciles with him and they get married.

Cast and crew

The movie features the following cast and crew members:




Sohail Khan


Sameera Reddy


Sanjay Dutt


Kabir Bedi


Neeraj Vora


Sohail Khan


Bunty Walia



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