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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Oliver Parker
Oliver Parker

Starry Night Pattern Pack Rar

This Kids Bundle is packed with over 2850 graphic elements from 22 graphic packs. Cute animals, flowers, characters, magical elements, prints, lettering, patterns, printable art and more kids goods!

starry night pattern pack rar

Look, up in the sky! Is it a particle system? Is it a line pattern? No, it's the UltraForm loop pack! Born as Kal-El on the planet Krypton, this loop pack has the super human ability to wow audiences everywhere.

v2.1- Completely redone whole lot of settings in weather config, mostly concerning proper shadow colouring- Completely redone and simplified all light-boxes - effect: more toned and realistic graphics- Completely redone rain and storm periods - purpose: effectivity- Re-added full 'Float32 support' (Float32 v2.0 included in the package)- Recutted the 'recut' 'S.H.A.R.P.E.R. v95 Texture Pack'- Added the comp-pack for olp v1.33 mod- Repackaged the mod into two, convenient versions (including the SL edition)- Fixed few glitches in user.ltx (like 'mouse lag' bug)- Added '#extreme' preset for FDL (thx to Pixel)- Redone the night optionals - increased the variety to four distinct versions

v2.2- a lot of settings tweaked again - main purpose was to balance shadow colors and brightness- nights presets revised - nights made generally more bright- thunderbolts and storms completely revised - main purpose was to make the storm build-up more flouent and to make thunderbolts better match sound- completely changed sun positioning (thx to Mr Fusion)- fixed issue with sun_dir console calculations and log flood during nights (thx to Mr Fusion)- BETA FEATURE: added full weather cycle for all indoor game levels - so that you can see the proper weather trough all gaps, windows, holes etc.- added compatibility package for AMK 1.4- added some new thunderbolt sounds (by Hectrol)- added Sky4CE v1.77 shaders (by Sky4CE)- user.ltx settings changed in order to make graphics a little more eye-candy

v2.2.1- fixed rain timing problems for AMK 1.4 comp-pack- fixed AMK 1.4 comp-pack for Static Lighting (thx to aydin)- fixed ogg comments for thunder sounds by hectrol (thx to Shadow State)- changed the sunset timings - the 'true' night begins later (thx to Eric the fish)- added config presets for Sky4CE

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