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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

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Oliver Parker
Oliver Parker

What To Buy In La Paz Bolivia

Appreciation of the performing arts in La Paz is limited to a small minority, but there are a few places where you can catch theatre, classical music concerts, ballet and even opera. Film is more popular, and though the emphasis tends to be on Hollywood action blockbusters (almost always in English with Spanish subtitles), La Paz, surprisingly perhaps, has two excellent art house cinemas. You can pick up Jiwaki, a free, pocket-sized monthly guide to public museums, galleries, cinema and theatre, at the artier cafés and bars, or check out the listings on municipal website, The English-language Bolivian Express ( also has culture listings.

what to buy in la paz bolivia

When displaying the offers from Third Party Providers, we do not assume responsibility for the availability of the Service or travel connections at the time of booking (on the pages of the Third Party Provider) or for the effective and flawless provision of the service contracted with the Third Parties Providers. Because the transport services contract is made between the Client and the Transport Operator, any question or complaint related to the quality of the service must be resolved with the Transport Operator itself, TicketsBolivia being exempt from any responsibility. TicketsBolivia will support and provide any assistance required by the Client. Our customer support department will be available to answer any questions or suggestions at the email address

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Very few bus Operators in Bolivia offer special services for people with reduced mobility due to the limited number of spaces reserved for these services. To request this service in advance and verify its availability, passengers must request information prior to booking their tickets by sending a message to

To request a refund, the Client must send an email to under the subject "Refund Request" providing data that allows identification (name, email, telephone number, passport number) and describing the reasons for requesting a refund. Additionally, the Client may attach all the documentation that he considers relevant to justify his request for reimbursement. Once said email is received, TicketsBolivia will send a confirmation email informing about the steps to follow according to each specific case.

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