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Oliver Parker
Oliver Parker

The God Theory Pdf [2021] Download

Theory of Mind (ToM), which has become increasingly prominent in the neurosciences, could be extended into the area of religion and health. It could provide a new perspective on spirituality and might also become the basis for discussing what hundreds of different schools of psychotherapy share in common. In other words, ToM could be a unifying theory.

the god theory pdf download

The hallmark of a unifying theory is its ability to explain in one simple model a multitude of seemingly unrelated phenomena. Plate tectonics is an example. As of the mid-twentieth century, we knew about the following apparently unrelated phenomena:

None of those four things appeared to be related. Then in the 1960s Harry Hess, Robert Coats, Jason Morgan and Xavier LePichon proposed the theory of plate tectonics. We were astounded to discover that the four totally unrelated phenomena described above were all reflecting the same underlying flow of magma, the way water boiling from the bottom of a pot circles across the surface. However, in the case of magma the convection currents move slower than that of water boiling in a pot, like the speed at which your finger nails grow.

Unrelated phenomena sometimes provoke the mind into some sort of triangulation process from which a unifying theory emerges. ToM has already proved itself to be a unifying theory in a half dozen unrelated fields of research, as we will discuss shortly.

ToM refers to your ability understand that another person has a mind, a way of thinking, feeling, and behaving which may be different than your way of thinking, feeling and behaving. ToM seems so simple that it is hard to believe that it could hold such promise as a multi-disciplinary theory.

At first glance these different quests appear as utterly unrelated to one another as did geological events early in the twentieth century. Only when the same Grail emerges from each of these apparently unrelated quests, does the possibility dawn on us that perhaps all these blind scholars have been groping different aspects of the same one elephant. Indeed, ToM appears to be the Grail which was being sought in all those apparently unrelated quests. This is similar to plate tectonics, and how a multitude of seemingly unrelated phenomena all fit into one simple theory.

Earlier we suggested that ToM might provide the basis for integrating many schools of psychotherapy, such as depth psychology, self psychology, object relations theory, cognitive therapy, etc. We will now shift gears, leaving spirituality behind temporarily, and focus on ToM and the mental health field. 350c69d7ab


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