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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Chariton Noses
Chariton Noses

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when the ancient chaos emeralds first created them, they were in their pure form. they were able to change to their present form only after the master emerald taught them how to use the chaos energy. at that time, they were made with the best energy and were fully stable. however, after the master emerald was lost, the chaos emeralds were thrown into a very unstable chaos energy.

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the chaos emeralds were created by the ancient emeralds. they were used to create a form of pure energy, and they were able to create the perfect energy. however, they could not create perfect energy, and they left to create a new civilization.

he disappears after giving might the amazing chaos emeralds. using their power, might can use the mirror gem to warp time and space and create time cracks. using the time gates, might travels through time and space to the past, present, and future, where he and adonis meet their younger selves and encounter various monsters.

after the battle, might, adonis, and their younger selves are chased by the mad scientist black shadow, who had recently escaped from prison. black shadow ultimately traps the three friends in the timeless dimension, where he will use their chaos emeralds to enslave the entire world, and he begins to take their powers from them. they are rescued by sonic the hedgehog and the freedom fighters who team-up to defeat him and take their powers back.

over the course of the game, sonic and his friends journey through time to find and rescue their younger selves. they eventually succeed in bringing the chaos emeralds back to the past, where they are reunited with their younger selves and black shadow is defeated.


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