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Homeworld Remastered General Failure [PORTABLE]

A more peaceful (and maybe not Klingon-like) variant is that the smooth Klingons who were only shown in a comparably small number of TOS episodes were a kind of special task force to deal with the Federation, or they were just a regional "civil defense" force. It has often been suggested that certain Klingons were genetically or cosmetically altered to better deal with humans or to infiltrate the Federation. The stupidity of this idea becomes obvious if we consider that all of them (save Darvin in "The Trouble with Tribbles") were always posing as Klingons with typical beards and uniforms in typically Klingon ships. Thus, any similarity to the outer appearance of humans must be a coincidence. Maybe the smooth Klingon homeworld is located next to the Federation border. When the smooth Klingons could not defeat the Federation, they may have been replaced by "real" Klingon troops and subsequently been stigmatized as cowards. Maybe the smooth Klingons were ashamed about their failure, so they gave up their identity by changing their outer appearance to look like the tough ones. It is also possible that the number of smooth Klingons is very small compared to the "real" Klingons so it is no surprise that they do not reappear in TNG and DS9. Federation members such as the Andorians are rare throughout the Federation likewise, especially in Starfleet, though there are probably billions of them on their homeworld.

Homeworld Remastered General Failure


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