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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

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Melody Love

Ariel is Melody's mother. Melody and Ariel have a strong loving mother-daughter relationship. Ariel was overprotective of her because of Morgana's threat when Melody was a baby. Ariel wanted to keep all the knowledge of Atlantica from Melody until Morgana is found. Melody's love of the sea proves too strong. As a result, she severs all ties with Atlantica and the ocean in hopes of preventing Morgana from using Melody's heritage to her advantage.

melody love

Ariel comforts her daughter and apologizes truly for the incident for not telling her the truth sooner. Melody explains she never meant to hurt anyone, but believed she would be better as a mermaid than a girl. However, Ariel assures her daughter that it doesn't matter whether she has fins or feet, as she and Eric love Melody for who she is, their "brave little girl". Then Melody finally accepted who she is.

Alex is the love interest for Melody since she immediately develops a crush on him from the moment they met. When they first met, Melody was shy while talking to Alex. During the song "Here on the Land and Sea", they both have met each other again.

Until then Sebastian does what he can to keep Melody company, allows Melody to share her thoughts about her secret with him and that her love for the sea doesn't get her in trouble when one of her drives makes Melody late for her birthday party that Sebastian reminds her of. 041b061a72


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