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Eli Anderson

Walid Khalidi's All That Remains: A Review and Analysis of the Book on the Nakba and its Consequences

in sum, the presses argument misses the mark. if a majority of the israeli and palestinian publics are so outraged that the murderer should be given a free pass, then their anger should be directed to the political leaders that this case has reminded them of. they should demand that the people they elect to represent them in the peace process treat the case with the seriousness it deserves. the media, in order to maximize the chance of a guilty verdict, would do well to redact as much as they can without jeopardizing the integrity of the trial. the same is true for the tribunal. they should ask themselves what is the best way to redact these documents and the evidence against the suspect, in order to protect the integrity of the trial while complying with the law. in this case, it is the law that should be paramount. if these cases are so important, then they should be treated accordingly.

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the deputy prime minister claims that releasing the documents will help terrorists seek out legal loopholes to commit new crimes. israels deputy prime minister is right about the threat that this case poses. however, the law is the law. if the law allows for the release of these documents, then that is what must be done. the deputy prime minister is also correct in suggesting that the palestinians should redact the documents in a way that makes them inoffensive.

in the long term, israels survival will depend on its economic strength. its economic miracle, such as it has been, is dependent on the completion of the west bank barrier, the building of the separation wall, and the construction of new housing units for israeli residents in the negev. however, the complete isolation of the west bank from israeli society would be disastrous, as would any return of palestinian refugees to their former homes in the west bank. israeli-palestinian peace will be a long term process, not a short term fix. the outcome will depend on the relationship between the parties and the nature of the people involved. israel is in a position of power, but it does not want to be the sole dominant actor in the region. palestine will be a key player, and israelis will have to make sure that they are prepared to play along. israelis will continue to pursue a strategy of incrementalism, playing one regional adversary off against another.


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