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High School At Home

In California, there are several ways that parents educate their children at home: through an existing private school, through a public charter or independent study program, and in many instances by opening their own private home based school and filing the Private School Affidavit (PSA) with the California Department of Education (CDE).

high school at home


California Education Code (EC) Section 33190 requires a copy of the Affidavit be kept at the school. Requirements of what must be included in the Affidavit are also outlined in EC Section 33190. EC Section 48222 states:

"The attendance of the pupils shall be kept by private school authorities in a register, and the record of attendance shall indicate clearly every absence of the pupil from school for a half day or more during each day that school is maintained during the year."

Alternative diploma equivalencies for students not attending public school include the General Education Development (GED) Test and the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE). For information about the GED and CHSPE, please visit the respective Web sites.

A parent offering or providing private school instruction and who meets the requirements of EC Section 33190 shall file an Affidavit. Parents/guardians planning to file for an exemption to school at home should read the Frequently Asked Questions, Schooling at Home."

There are many public charter schools that offer more flexibility for students and parents and some that cater to those who are focusing on home-based instruction. You can search for charter schools using the California School Directory or the Charter School Locator.

The Special Education Division at the CDE provides technical assistance information and resources for parents, school districts, advocates, agencies and others of procedural safeguards regarding students between ages 3 and 21 with disabilities and their educational rights.

If after reading this information you feel you would like to speak to an education consultant in our office, please call our main line at 916-445-7331 or email and ask to be referred to a private school consultant who can advise on private home schooling.

Families do not pay tuition for a student to attend an online public school. Common household items and office supplies like printer ink and paper are not provided. Our enrollment consultants can help address your technological and computer questions and needs.

North Carolina law defines a home school as a non public school consisting of the children of not more than two families or households, where the parents or legal guardians or members of either household determine the scope and sequence of the academic instruction, provide academic instruction, and determine additional sources of academic instruction. General Statute 115C-563(a) as amended changes the definition of a home school to allow parents to hire tutors, let their children participate in group settings where they receive instruction (co-ops, 4-H classroom instruction, etc.) and be instructed by an expert that is not a part of the household in the established homeschool (apprenticeships, a homeschool doctor teaching biology, etc.) This will allow homeschool parents more freedom to choose what is best for the education of their children.

The North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE) is authorized by state law to receive home school notices of intent to begin initial operation and to terminate operation, and to annually inspect the school's student attendance and nationally standardized achievement test result records. Chief Administrators of home schools should anticipate receiving a request(s) to meet with a DNPE representative at a public location in close proximity to the home school while the home school is in operation

Pre-registration for incoming new student is now open, parents are welcome to drop of the registration documents at school during our office hours on Wednesdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, or email them to or

Locally and nationally recognized as a top high school for academic, arts and athletics. Our creative and progressive structuring of our facilities and educational environment provides focused support and engages students in innovative learning experiences.

As a state-accredited online public high school, UT High School (UTHS) offers homeschool students the ability to enroll full-time in the online UTHS Diploma Program or fill in the gaps in their homeschool curriculum by taking one or two online courses at their own pace and on their own terms.

Mission Statement To ensure high levels of learning for all students. Vision We will prepare and inspire each student for success in post high school opportunities by facilitating engaging, rigorous, and relevant learning experiences focused on essential standards and skills while mentoring students in ways that acknowledge and utilize their individuality.

Attention all parents of Kindergarten students for the 2023 - 24 school year! Each elementary school will be hosting their own Kindergarten Roundup orientation day. This is a great opportunity for students and parents to get to know the school their students will be attending. Please use the provided link to visit the Kindergarten Roundup page and learn more about this great opportunity!

Attention all parents of children with an IEP receiving ESE services from preschool age through grade 12, the 2022-2023 ESE Parent Survey window is now open! Please use the provided link to access the Exceptional Student Education page and learn how to contribute to this survey.

The second annual CCSD Employability Fair welcomed 60 select students representing all six traditional high schools to learn more about resume writing, dressing for success, social media etiquette, interviewing and more.

Hector Vicinte of Canton was the winner of the annual Shottenkirk Jeep Wrangler raffle, which raised more than $180,000 for CCSD high school athletics and arts programs this year. School Board member Patsy Jordan drew the winning ticket on Saturday at the dealership in Canton. High school sports and arts programs sell the raffle tickets for $5 each throughout the fall and winter, and the schools are able to keep all the proceeds.

The Synergy system is easy to use and similar to the previous Gateway system that CCSD parents with older children have used. Beginning March 7, parents of any student who will be new to CCSD for the 2023-24 school year can enter information and upload documents to complete the registration process online. Parents are asked to complete this process by May to ensure as smooth an enrollment as possible. Parents whose children already are enrolled in CCSD in grades K-12 do not need to complete this process.

FREE & REDUCED MEAL APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN FOR 2022-2023The free and reduced-price meal application for the 2022-23 school year is now available. It is important to note that the USDA waiver program that allowed BCSC to offer free meals has expired. Families may qualify for free or reduced meals and may apply through an online application. If your family qualifies, this could also impact the assessment of curricular material fees or other billing items throughout the year. CLICK HERE for more information. 041b061a72


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