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Chariton Noses
Chariton Noses

How To Fix FPS Drops In Fortnite Season 8 - Boo... __LINK__

**bleep** ? what's wrong with you ? I have a rx 6600/ i5 12400f I have to play on dx12 and on **bleep**ing high graphics settings to even play. ( not to mention the constant fps drops and game stuttering.) and it's not just fortnite it's other games like borderlands3. really interesting that before i swapped my 1650 super for the rx 6600 playing on the 1650 super was really wonderful compared to the rx 6600, at the moment i really regret ever trying to buy an AMD card.With the 1650 Super I never had any problem in fortnite and honestly maybe in any games, just the performance just wasn't enough anymore so I did the upgrade to the rx 6600 thinking I would help myself a lot but unfortunately I guess I was very wrong.

How To Fix FPS Drops In Fortnite Season 8 - Boo...



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