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NOSAČ SAMUEL: A Jewish Story from Bosnia by Isak Samokovlija

Isak Samokovlija Nosac Samuel Pdf 28: A Review of a Classic Bosnian Jewish Story

Isak Samokovlija Nosac Samuel Pdf 28 is a digital version of a famous short story by Isak Samokovlija, one of the most prominent Bosnian Jewish writers of the 20th century. The story, which was first published in 1927, tells the tale of Nosac Samuel, a humble and devout porter who works in Sarajevo's old bazaar. The story depicts the life and culture of the Bosnian Jews in the interwar period, as well as their relations with other ethnic and religious groups in the city.

Isak Samokovlija Nosac Samuel Pdf 28


Who was Isak Samokovlija?

Isak Samokovlija was born in 1889 in Goražde, a town in eastern Bosnia. He studied medicine in Vienna and Zagreb, and worked as a doctor in Sarajevo and Banja Luka. He was also a prolific writer, who published several collections of short stories, novels, essays and memoirs. His works mainly focused on the themes of Bosnian Jewish history, folklore and identity, as well as the social and political issues of his time. He was influenced by the realism and naturalism of European literature, but also by the oral tradition and humor of his native Bosnia. He died in 1955 in Sarajevo.

What is the plot of Nosac Samuel?

Nosac Samuel is a story about a day in the life of Nosac Samuel, a poor but pious porter who works in Sarajevo's old bazaar. He carries heavy loads for his customers, mostly merchants and craftsmen, who often exploit him and pay him little. He also faces discrimination and harassment from some Muslims and Christians, who mock him for his Jewish faith and appearance. Despite his hardships, he remains loyal to his religion and his community, and he finds joy and comfort in his family and friends. He also has a dream of visiting Jerusalem, the holy city of his ancestors.

The story follows Nosac Samuel as he goes from one place to another, carrying different goods and meeting different people. Along the way, he encounters various situations that reveal his character and his values. He helps a young Jewish couple who are eloping, he defends a Muslim boy who is being bullied by some Christian boys, he refuses to carry pork for a Christian butcher, he prays at the synagogue with his fellow Jews, he shares a meal with his wife and children at home, he visits his friend Avram who is dying of tuberculosis, he witnesses a fire that destroys part of the bazaar, and he finally returns to his humble room at night.

What is the significance of Nosac Samuel?

Nosac Samuel is considered one of the best examples of Bosnian Jewish literature, as well as one of the most authentic portrayals of Sarajevo's multicultural society in the interwar period. The story shows the diversity and complexity of the city's population, which included Muslims, Christians and Jews, as well as Turks, Serbs, Croats, Roma and others. It also shows the challenges and conflicts that arose from their coexistence, such as poverty, inequality, intolerance and violence. However, it also shows the possibility of friendship, solidarity and respect among different groups, as exemplified by Nosac Samuel's interactions with some of his customers and neighbors.

Nosac Samuel is also a story about human dignity and resilience in the face of adversity. It depicts Nosac Samuel as a simple but noble man, who despite his low social status and harsh working conditions, maintains his faith, integrity and compassion. He does not lose hope or give up on his dream of visiting Jerusalem. He does not hate or resent those who mistreat him or oppress him. He does not compromise his principles or betray his community. He is a hero of everyday life, who inspires admiration and sympathy from the reader.

Where to download Isak Samokovlija Nosac Samuel Pdf 28?

If you want to download Isak Samokovlija Nosac Samuel Pdf 28, you can use the link below. This is a free and legal source that provides a high-quality scan of the original text in Bosnian language. You can also find other works by Isak Samokovlija on this site.

Download Isak Samokovlija Nosac Samuel Pdf 28 ca3e7ad8fd


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