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How To Fix €?This Accessory Is Not Supported By This IPhone” Error __LINK__

Sometimes your iPhone may not charge or connect to external devices because of conflicting settings. One reliable way of fixing this without any data loss is to reset all iPhone settings. Doing so changes all your settings to the default condition. After this, your charging cable or other accessories should work harmoniously with your iPhone.

How to Fix “This Accessory Is Not Supported by This iPhone” Error

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Finally, if nothing helps, you can opt for erasing your iPhone using DFU mode and set it up again. This is a significant step that will take about an hour to complete (including restoring a backup and setting everything the way you like). So, make sure you do this only when you have some time.

Just updated to the latest iOS for your iPhone, iPad, or other device and now see the message that your pencil, keyboard, headphones, speaker, microphone, or other Bluetooth or lightning accessory is not supported by this iPhone (or iPad, etc.)? If so, you are not alone!

If the message this accessory is not supported by this iPhone (or iPad/iPod) happens when connecting to a Bluetooth accessory, like speakers or headphones, try forgetting the device and then adding it back while renaming that device something different than before (if possible.)

Secondly, the issue was with the detachable keyboard, Apple is aware of the issue with some of them. They have ordered me a new one, completely free of charge, and really have been very supportive. The statutory guarantee is one year, but Apple goes far beyond this to three years.

So yesterday, when i connected my headphones to my iphone 5c via the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, but the output sound was like someone singing underwater. So today, i went and purchased a Lightning to 3.5 mm adapter and the audio plays fine for some time, then it abruptly stops and a popup shows up saying this accessory is not supported. What should i do?

I have several Apple Certified adapters that no longer work as expected. I get no warning that the adapter is not working. 14.1 and newer iOS updates do not fix or have actually caused the issue. Apple needs to fix this and stop breaking its own rules. It is so infuriating to deal with Apple thinking they need to step away from industry standards.

I have recently upgraded from 10.2.x up to 10.3.2. Since the update the official lightning to 3.5mm adapter has thrown up the error "This accessory is not supported by this iPhone" after about a minute of being connected.

I have read some "solutions" to this problem (like putting it in airplane mode and restarting the phone etc.) but none of these have worked for me nor do I see the reason to have to do this when using officially supported adapter supplied with the iPhone.

I am certain it is an iOS issue since they introduced a check in 10.3.x to see if the accessories are official and in a supported list and this issue only started immediately after the update of iOS.This does seem to be an issue than a lot of people are having.

I can not believe this is still an issue. I. And listen to my my music or view a video. I have an Apple lightning to headphon jack, brand new, and a new,y purchased iPhone 7 Plus from gazelle. None of the suggested solutions work. Not a single one. Do I need to go to an Apple store to get this fixed? Can they even fix it at all there? Please tell me what I can do. This is one of the most important functions of my phone for me.

I distribute iPhones to our company. I ran into this issue with a brand new phone and adapter and noticed the bad adapter was a little different than all the other adapters. Phones were shipped sealed to the office from Verizon. In comparing the bad adapter to any other adapters from the same shipment, this one is longer overall. Both the cable and hard plastic grips. The wire is a little thicker and it doesn't specify its an official apple product on the wire like all the other phone adapters. Can Apple tell me why I have a different adapter straight out of the box and why it doesn't work?

Last night, I connected my iPhone 7 to the primary dock of my Philips AJ7260D clock radio / dock. I have been using this dock for charging my iPhones various for about 4 years. Last night my iPhone 7 did not charge, and I got an error message saying "This accessory is not supported by this iPhone". Since I bought the clock radio from Apple, and it was sold as "Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod", why are apple now restricting it's use?

I normally use it to charge two iphones, one on each dock, and I thought when my iPhone SE didn't work in the second dock, perhaps there was a problem with the converter I'm using (30pin to lightning), as I cannot remember if that's a genuine apple part. However, that was only a few days ago, and I haven't yet followed up on that line of questioning when I found my personal iPhone 7 now has the same issue in the main dock, without any adapter present. Both phones show the same error, regardless of which dock i connect them to. I also checked my iPad Air, and this now also shows the same issue.

I was under the impression that the various devices were sufficiently clean. I think I must have had some muck in one device which I've then managed to transfer to both docks, and to multiple devices. Cleaning all contacts and ports with an alcohol soaked glasses cleaner tissue appears to have solved the issue... Thank you again for your perseverence in getting me to do what I really should have done in the first place with the first response on this thread.

I was working on a clearly inaccurate assumption that there was some kind of list which was dynamically updated by apple for preventing certain non-apple devices from working. If this were true (and I wouldn't blame them per se), then that would potentially have caused the issue I was experiencing. Clearly, whether true or not - my issue was simply dirt in or on one of the contacts causing a failure of proper connection!

Your iPhone may sometimes display the warning message in error. When the alert appears on the screen, tap the OK or Dismiss button on the pop-up and unplug the accessory. Wait for some seconds and reconnect the cable to your iPhone or iPad.

In the charging process of iPhone, USB light cables play an essential role. The USB light cable will be broken one day and make iPhone accessory not supported. Therefore, it is suggested that you should try different light cables and you'd better use an authenticated apple lightning cable.

To fix iPhone this accessory may not be supported, you need to check the adapter. This aims to check your power supply source because it is necessary to make sure that your power adapter whether exists physical damage or issues that probably affect the power supply.

Restarting can help to fix the issue of "this device may not be supported". When your iPhone is charging, the widest choice is turning off the iPhone because it can ensure that you may not receive the error message repeatedly.

This accessory may not be supported iPhone at times occurs when iOS is not up to date. The user may not know that some accessories require the latest version of iOS. Therefore, please make sure that you've updated to the latest version of iOS. It is suggested that you make a backup of your device using iCloud or iTunes before you update.

If the issue is caused by the tough software issue, you are recommended to try this tool. FoneCope iOS System Recovery targets to fix all iOS glitches especially repair and recover operating systems and it is recommended.

The first thing you should try is to clean out the charging port. Turn off your iPhone to prevent any unnecessary damage. Then take a Q-tip and insert it into your iPhone or iPad charging port to clean out the lint or debris. Repeat this a few times until no dirt comes out.

When you get the error message, dismiss it and turn your iPhone into Airplane Mode, and then turn your phone off with the lightening plug attached. Leave it a few minutes and turn the phone on again. This proves to be an effective method to fix this accessory may not be supported iPhone.

In this essay we have shown solutions to "This accessory may not be supported or certified" on iOS 15 from both hardware and software. Hope one of these tips relieves you from this annoying error. Highly recommended that try Tenorshare ReiBoot if the problem is caused by iOS/iPadOS.

I received Apple EarPods with lightning connector with a IPhone7. They do not work with my old IPhone6 with iOS 10.1. The error message is "this accessory is not supported by this device. My daughter is using also an iphone 6 with iOS10.1- no problem. Finally my wife's iphone 6+ with iOS10 is not supporting the EarPods with lighting connector.

A lot of Apple users reported this issue in the Apple support community. When they try to create an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch backup with iTunes, they got these error messages.Before doing anything, copy and paste old backups to new locations on your Mac and Windows. Your backup files are here: iPhone backup File Location on Mac & Windows.

If you're getting this error while trying to RESTORE a backup, deleting the backup isn't going to cut it. I used Decipher Backup Repair in this case, great for when you need to restore. This article is great if you need to back up!

This is my fix.My problem was caused by a dummy app, I removed it through iPhone's SETTING, GENERAL, USAGE, MANAGE USAGE.Look for empty app name or blank icon. Remove the app.Try to backup again, if fail again, check for the LOG of your iTunes.For Windows, go toa) C:UsersXXXXXXAppDataRoamingApple ComputerLogsb) Open the log, and see what's the problem. For my case there problem was[11132 @ Fri Oct 09 21:27:23 2015] [ AppleMobileBackup.exe] ERROR: Backup message response: 101 Unable to open domain directory: No such file or directory (2) at path "/var/mobile/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/8E726549-3ED1-4171-818A-12B66843C156" (MBErrorDomain/101)c) For my case, this App " 8E726549-3ED1-4171-818A-12B66843C156 " caused the problem. So I just browse into my iPhone's directory using iExplorer, and create a folder with the same name. Note: My iPhone is jailbroken.Then I manage to backup my phone.Note: If you see similar error message, thats mean it's caused by an APP. Just try to delete more app and try to backup again.Good Luck! 350c69d7ab


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